What we offer...
Hair Cuts and Styles
Each appointment begins with a free consultation to help you decide what style is right for you. At your request, we can sketch out a personal profile of the perimeter of your face in order to design the hairstyle best suited for you.

We also offer The Helix™ cut which allows us many different options - straight (with added volume), curly (natural looking curl and waves with the diffuser), or regular styling as usual (curling iron, roller, etc).

With The Helix™ cut, the style is permanently sculpted into the hair so when the hair is shampooed the design is still there. It doesn't grow out, just longer. You can wear more manageable, user friendly hair. The maintenance is low and requires fewer trips to the salon. This presents a whole new way to handle hair with just the touch of your fingers. It is truly amazing.
Finished (dry)