Color and Highlights
We offer many different types of coloring and highlighting...
Temporary Hair Color
Products deposit color on outside of the hair shaft and has no lasting effect on the hair. They use certified color or cationic dyes and are generally removed by shampooing.

Translucent Color class
This type of hair color product color condition and adds shine in one step. It does not alter the chemical structure of the hair and the color lasts up to four weeks, gradually fading with each shampoo.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color
This is gentle, self penetrating color that washes out gradually and does not need peroxide to work. Generally, it last up to eight shampoos. The length of time, however. Can be affected by the type of product used and the porosity of the hair.

Demi-Permanent Hair Color
This product are a combination of deposit and semi-permanent hair color. As with deposit only products, demi-permanent colors use a catalyst to develop the dye intermediates while not affecting the natural hair color. Semi-permanents dyes enhance the brightness and shine .

Deposit only Permanent Hair Color
This category takes advantage of the technology of permanent hair color to create a Durable Semi-permanent colorant. It uses a catalyst to create long lasting results that do not effectively alter the natural hair color. It is also referred to as a long lasting semi-permanent or no left color.

Permanent Hair Color
This is also know as oxidative hair color because it also requires peroxide to develop the color molecules these penetrate deep into the hair where they increase in size, making their exit difficult. Permanent hair color gives the colorist the ability to Permanently create new hair color. The final color result affects the natural pigment of the hair.

Highlighting is the use of tint or bleach to lighten selected areas of the hair. It may be used with caps or foils

Minking is a highlighting technique that blends three colors in the hair; the natural base, alternating with two different colors.

Highlights and Lowlights
Highlights and Lowlights are foiling in two different colors into the hair. Lighter and darker.

Double Processing
Double process is a technique in which is first pre-lightened or decolorized with a bleaching product,then colorized with an oxidation color or toner.