Perms and Straighteners
Types of Perms
Mild Alkaline Waves: With conventional or heat-activated waves, ammonia or a combination of heat and ammonia, is used to enable the hair cuticle to open. Then the waving lotion enters the hair shaft and begins to reduce or break the disulphide bonds within the cortex of the hair. These bonds are later rejoined permanently when the hair is neutralized. Alkaline waving produces a firmer curl pattern and maximum style support. Alkaline waves are highly recommended for clients desiring long lasting more textured perm results.

Acid Waves: Usually have acid PH or close to neutral PH. Some are activated by dryer heat. With acid waves, the process is similar to alkaline waves, but formulations are designed with milder reducing ingredients. There are somewhat lesser bond reduction and minimal swelling of hair compared to alkaline waves. Acid waves are highly recommended for clients with more sensitized delicate hair types, or those requiring softer, smoother curls and waves.